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Rising from the ashes! “Agile Team Rising Model” helps you from defeat to victory


Agile Team Rebirth Model. Is your team collaboration always stuck? I have gathered many years of practical experience and summarized 5 obstacles that affect teamwork, 3 skills and 7 steps towards collaboration. The five obstacles that affect teamwork include: depression, neglect, detours, revenge, and avoidance. However, moving towards agile teamwork only requires three skills which are to observe, feel completely, and stop resisting. With the 3 skills and the 7 steps of practice, focus on self and others, starting from seeing the facts, sorting out the context, stopping, receiving, transforming, doing something and doing nothing, until the dawn of the team sees it.

Is teamwork always stuck? I will share 5 obstacles that affect teamwork, 3 skills and 7 steps to an agile team.

5 obstacles that affect teamwork

  1. Repression: endure all of others' teams and say nothing, and be silent about the needs of my team
  2. Ignore: Ignore the feelings of my team and the needs of others' teams
  3. Detour: deliberately bypassing other’s teams
  4. Retaliation: silent retaliation against others' teams
  5. Escape: Escape the cooperation between my team and others' teams

3 tips for agile teamwork

  1. Observation: Open your mind and observe the facts, feelings, mind, and see the essence of the team
  2. Feel completely: feel the source, feel the state of my team, fully accept, identify and appreciate this state, connect to the source, accept, listen, and experience this power
  3. Stop resisting and follow the current: standing in the shadows can you feel the light, stop confronting, extract strength, and move forward with courage

7 steps for agile teamwork

  1. Focus: focus on the intentions of my team
  2. Confirmation: confirm the state of oneself with a positive attitude
  3. Receive: accept all information, emotion is also a kind of information
  4. Context: sort out the context of the story and present it in a story-telling way
  5. Inaction: Find out the reasons and methods for inaction
  6. Action: find out the reasons and methods for action
  7. Transformation: stop resisting, transform the status quo, shift position, see the true self and mission of the team from the shadows


Understand the 5 obstacles that affect teamwork, 3 skills and 7 steps to teamwork, and help the defeated team rebirth