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Kim Kao

A father of 3, whose life has been well architected. Kim is currently working as a senior solution architect with AWS, Co-founder of the DDD Taiwan Community. Specializes in software system design, and is committed to the promotion of serverless services, help enterprises to create more appropriate solutions through DDD and convenient cloud services to solve real business problems.


  1. 2020 DDD Taiwan Conference - REFK EventStorming workshop
  2. 2020 AWS DevDay - Enlarge influence by Participating in communities
  3. 2020 AWS CTO night - MC & Panel speaker for Modern technology management Round table
  4. 2020/2019/2018 AWS Taipei Summit
  5. 2019/2018 JCCONF - Embrace legacy Java EE by AWS Serverless, Supersonic Java serverless
  6. 2019 DDD China Conference - Esseitnail capabilities behind microservices