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DDDesign Taiwan Conference 2021 Call for Proposal / Speakers


Theme: Footprint

The theme of DDDesign Taiwan Conference 2021 is - 👣Footprint👣 !

DDDesign Taiwan Conference is a seminar initiated by passionate DDDesign practitioners. We are committed to the business integration of various software designs and engineering to achieve strategic goals.

“Footprint” represents the process of learning DDD including practitioners' hands-on feedback on diversity approaches & methodologies in use, classical strategic and tactical design practice, and the impact after these practices happened. Despite there should have some failures, frustrations in the practice process, those things were actually laying the foundation for better problem-solving skills! 💪

So far, we have held the first DDDesign Taiwan conference in 2020, and we were honored to have speakers from the virtual DDD community (Kenny Baas-Schwegler, Joao Rosa, and Kacper Gunia), and the DDD China community ( David Wang, Zhang Yi) participated.

Language is unbounded, we want to learn and exchange thoughts with cross-region DDDesign experts and practitioners. From 2018, we community has stepped on the journey to explore Business Canvas, Impact Mapping, Domain StoryTelling, EventStorming, Example Mapping, and more unlisted heuristics to come out collaboration model.

Furthermore, to well promote the real practice experiences in DDD, the DDDesign TW community volunteers translated & published the "DDD 15years" book for mandarin readers( thanks to the awesome authors in DDD 15 years ).

We do believe it would be great to have you joining in DDDesign TW Conference 2021, to share your "footprint" on the practitioner journey,

Call for Proposal / Speaker

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